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1️⃣ CONCEPT:  An over 800m² design home, featuring expansive gardens and multiple pools. The energy consumption is notably high due to its extensive equipment and comfort features: pool heating pumps, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, underfloor heating, climate control, home automation, numerous lighting points, cameras for advanced security system…

> BONUS:  In our calculations, the required photovoltaic capacity exceeds 30kW. The flat roof of the residence doesn’t provide sufficient space for implementation, so we identified an additional location for more solar modules on the roof of an adjacent house within the same property. Both structures are interconnected with AC and data cabling.

> BONUS 2:  After initial tests, it was determined that the local electrical distribution network cannot accommodate energy injection due to its age and the limited capacity of existing overhead cables. In this scenario, to prevent complications, we opted for configuring the system to operate ‘without surplus,’ particularly considering that the residence will consume almost all generated energy throughout the year.

2️⃣ DEVELOPMENT:  Ultimately equipped with a 33.55 kWp photovoltaic self-consumption system featuring Seraphim 550Wp panels mounted on a concrete and steel structure with aluminum framing, offering 4 orientations at varying inclinations. This system incorporates 3 interconnected Huawei inverters, with capacities of 15, 10, and 10 kW each.

3️⃣ RESULT:  A highly luxurious residence, boasting exceptional design, where over 70% of its energy is supplied by a photovoltaic self-consumption system, ensuring savings, efficiency, and sustainability.