You may think that a house is always a house. Dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. And, apart from placing designer lamps, configuring Alexa to turn on the air conditioning or incorporating hi-fi speakers to listen an amazing sound, installing in a luxury home should not be more different from doing it in a conventional home…

Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you have been in construction your whole life, even if you have done a thousand and one buildings, the level of attention you have to pay when developing a luxury home is unmatched.

Cause everything is in the small details. In the millions of small details that must be attended and linked with others …

When the first plans reach your hands and you have to draw the measurements on it, transport them virtually from a CAD to a DIALUX or a RENDER, share everything in BIM…. Value the functionality of each element and the part of the comfort in which it will act and if its installation in this or that place (or form) improves its usefulness.

When you have to integrate a device into the system and into the environment, study how the lighting source will behave in that corner, how and where the climate grilles will be camouflaged so that they do not interfere with the decoration and continue to fulfill their function, or adjust the ducts and smooth their tracing to silence the air supply without varying speed or pressure …

When you have to calculate the layout, sections and typology of the kilometers of wiring that will transport energy and information. Or the location of the WiFi antennas so that they reach every corner …, without being seen, of course.

And so I could spend hours writing examples.

And when all that is clear, someone comes and reminds you that the casasdensueño are designer houses. They evolve as you go. And many times, the majority, you have to rethink the calculated over and over again because new elements appear to incorporate in the middle of the work, when the property and its emotions come into play.

Imagine how difficult it would be then if you didn’t plan.

It is definitely not the same or similar. Building a house is not building a house. Not in a casadensueño.